HISTORE workshop: breakout group 3

The third and final set of notes from the HISTORE workshop comes from Group 3.  This group was chaired by Jonathan Blaney, who is managing the HISTORE project but is primarily employed on the British History Online website, Connected Histories, and other IHR digital projects.


Group 3 breakout (chaired by Jonathan Blaney)

  • lack of joined-up thinking
  • no support from faculty
  • no support generally
  • collaboration between disciplines
  • not even the initial knowledge – no demand therefore
  • funding pressures mean you’re afraid to experiment
  • not even Zotero! the initial costs are too high, even if it might be more efficient in the end
  • add them to skills workshops – show that your PhD is the complete package
  • lots of independent historians are interested or would be if they knew
  • seeing the relevance is the key
  • case studies are important
  • big showcase projects may be offputting
  • practical, small-scale examples
  • texts not necessarily freely available
  • need guidance on copyright – people know about traditional copyright but not digital copyright
  • Twitter!
  • Google Hangouts
  • need to enthuse people – virally
  • rating/guidance
  • people in academia should be used to the intellectual challenge of learning tools
  • we don’t see the failures
  • citation – rules not up to date
  • how-to-cite boxes are great
  • the desire for “everything” to be freely available, particularly for interested people without institutional affiliation
  • bringing data together in a bucket, so digital tools can be used on it once, rather than iteratively
  • encouraging a habit of recording search methods (data, databases, search terms, date of access) so searches/queries can be replicated
  • educating readers/users to understand what the data is
  • human-readable URLs are particularly useful for citations, e.g. DNB, OED (not EEBO)
  • one attendee’s son rejected a course offered on digital resources for History, but he and his classmates rejected it



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