Presentations from the Histore Workshop

The Histore workshop took place last Thursday. Thanks to everyone who came and made it an engaging and thought-provoking afternoon; the breakout session generated all kinds of ideas for the IHR Digital team,and we hope that they were equally useful for other participants. We’d especially like to thank our external speakers, Matteo Romanello and Pip Willcox, who came to give talks on text mining and semantic markup.

You can find pdfs of the presentations below. Histore introduction1 and Histore introduction2 are the slides from talks by me and Matt Phillpott about the project. Pip’s talk is called new tools for old books and Matteo’s is introduction to text mining.

We’re planning to add more materials from the workshop over the next couple of weeks. We’ll post the summaries of the breakout session (which we hope might generate further discussion), links to the audio files of the talks and, finally, links to the videos.

Histore introduction1

Histore introduction2

introduction to text mining

new tools for old books


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